Russ Bandemer


  • Specialties: Farms, Ranches, Residential, Commercial, Auctions, Consulting: Electric Easements, Oil and Gas pipeline Easements

About Russ Bandemer

Russ was born and raised in Torrington, Wyoming. Growing up on the family-owned farm/ranch provided him with a wealth of knowledge of farming and ranch operations from an early age. Russ later launched and managed an agricultural/fertilizer business for 13 years. Russ ventured into the real estate business in 1995. He also graduated from the Continental School of Auctioneering in Mankato, Minnesota in 1996. He represented Goshen County and surrounding areas throughout Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana for sales and / or auctions of working farms and ranches, homes and mountain properties. Russ developed a relationship with Brooks Realty and Advisory Group where he directed and invested in large scale ranch developments throughout Wyoming. He handled property acquisition, due diligence, infrastructure development and sales. During this time, he worked closely with county officials, local planning commissions, surveyors, title companies and local construction crews. Russ also sold and developed the 8,300 acre Vera Cruz Mountain Ranch in Ruidoso, New Mexico. For the last 8 years Russ has capitalized on his understanding of rights of landowners and in-depth knowledge of Real Estate, Farm and Ranch operations to act as project manager for Contract Land Staff where he oversaw easement acquisitions in the state of North Dakota. He also oversaw numerous miles of gathering pipeline easement acquisitions in Wyoming and Texas.

Russ has worked in the “people relationship business” his entire life. He has formed numerous relationships with buyers and sellers throughout the western states. His hands-on experience working with clients has helped him achieve success in the real estate business. Expertise in:

  • Farms     
  • Ranches
  • Residential    
  • Commercial
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